BRB Going to the Oscars


100 followers is a big number for a small blog like mine so to celebrate, and because I’m feeling festive, I’m having a giveaway!

I couldn’t make up my mind so the winner will have two options to choose from! One lucky winner will win one of these two prizes!

TWO beautiful handmade scarves.
Scarf 1
: A lovingly hand crocheted scarf in alternating blocks of color. You can choose to have it as a shipping scarf or just your favorite character or your fan character’s theme color in alternating dark and light shades. (Yes, I can also make Eridan’s scarf if you want that.)
Scarf 2
: A fleece God Tier scarf with the aspect symbol hand sewn on. This can also be for your favorite character or your fan character

Part 1
: A lovingly hand crocheted scarf in your favorite House’s colors made of the softest yarn available in Muggle stores and guaranteed to keep you warm even against the Dementor’s chill. (It won’t protect you from the Dementor’s Kiss however, sorry.)
Part 2
: A Harry Potter themed special surprise!

Included in either prize will be a small Christmas stocking packed full of candies, treats, and other small treasures.


-Both likes and reblogs count but you do have to reblog at least once.  Just please don’t reblog more than, say, 4 times a day. You don’t want your followers to get sick of you.
-You don’t have to be following me but it would be nice. If I get up to 200 followers, I’ll add a second winner, and a third if I somehow make it up to 300! Each winner will be able to choose whichever prize they want.
-Please be sure to have your ask box open so I can message you if you win!
-I do ship worldwide!
-I will be drawing the prize in exactly one month at 10:00pm EST on Wednesday, November 21st with a random number generator. Please allow a couple weeks as I’ll be making each scarf to order but they should be there in plenty of time for Christmas! *hint hint* -If the winner(s) don’t reply by the following Monday I’ll pick the next winner(s). I’m allowing a few extra days since it’s Thanksgiving and people may be out of town or busy.
-No making fun of the pictures. I’m much better at sewing and crocheting than drawing, okay?

Also, if you’d like to commission any scarf like these, even before the giveaway is over, just send me an ask and we’ll figure out prices!


EDIT:  Now with much prettier images thanks to the incredibly talented xkaptain

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